Core Work

I’m best known as a photographer of public art, birds, and Toynbee tiles. As disparate as it might seem, I’d argue that there’s a thread that ties all this work together. At its heart is a deep appreciation of beauty, and a peculiar obsessiveness that drives the documentation of it.  

People, Places, Projects (and everything else)

Long ago, when money was tighter and my budget was a struggle, I managed to save up enough to buy a Pentax K-1000 and a couple of cheap lenses. While living on my own, it was the first thing I saved for. More than half a lifetime removed from that purchase, I’ve shot hundreds of thousands of images for myself, my friends, and a long list of clients. These galleries represent collections of images from the for myself category. As a working photographer, it can be a struggle to find time for this work, but finding that time is essential for maintaining a love for the medium and the work.

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